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We are suppliers of FDA CLEARED PRP centrifuges and PRP kits used for hair restoration, facial aesthetics, sexual wellness and pain management. We provide virtual & on-site training, free practice kits, on-demand support, and bilingual marketing material. 

Tom Mastanduono

President of IntegrativePRP

Tom Mastanduono is the President of IntegrativePRP, and is responsible for its domestic and international sales and marketing, incorporating multiple modalities for regenerative hair growth. As a licensed pharmacist, Tom has over 40 years of experience in both the retail and compounding pharmacy space. In 1981, he founded MasterPharm Pharmacy, a 10,000 sq ft retail pharmacy and sundries store in New York City where he served as President.  In 2001, the store was acquired by Duane Reade, and soon after,  became one of their flagship pharmacies. Following the sale, Tom began focusing on compounding prescription medications and established MasterPharm Compounding in Queens, NY. The company grew quickly from its niche specialization in products for hair restoration, hormone replacement therapy and sexual  wellness, and within five years, became one of the country’s leading compounding pharmacies for anti-aging products. Tom took the lead in growing the business sales both nationally and internationally. In 2019, Tom secured an exclusive licensing deal with Pure Pharmacies for Hair Science’s prescription topical products to be compounded and sold throughout Canada. In 2020, MasterPharm Compounding was acquired by another compounding pharmacy and Tom was asked to help transition the company by training pharmacists on MasterPharm’s formulations, and educating sales staff on the products.

Tom’s extensive knowledge in hair restoration protocols has made him a key opinion leader in his field. He played an instrumental role in Dr Alan Bauman’s pioneering study using PDO threads for hair regrowth, in the first North American clinical trial. Tom lectures and trains medical professionals at anti-aging seminars focusing on PRP for  the face, hair, sexual wellness and orthopedics. He’s currently a member of the advisory board for Hair Science Corporation and is passionate about the future growth and possibilities in regenerative medicine.


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